• Vasto - Who I Am
    Vasto - Who I Am
  • Unishock - Monkey Business
    Unishock - Monkey Business
  • Vasto - Blue Skies
    Vasto - Blue Skies
  • Stuback - Musical Mystery
    Stuback - Musical Mystery
  • Vasto - Stand My Ground
    Vasto - Stand My Ground
  • Jack Major & Faderz - Mystical World
    Jack Major & Faderz - Mystical World
  • Skatzow & Chaze - Elio
    Skatzow & Chaze - Elio
  • Vasto - Break Away
    Vasto - Break Away
  • Loaded Gunz - The Star
    Loaded Gunz - The Star
  • Vasto & ArtificialMind - Liberation
    Vasto & ArtificialMind - Liberation


It was on the verge of a new decade that a release by Mystery introduced a new label to the scene. After establishing themselves as one of the major Hardstyle labels in the scene the Dutch Master Works team decided to create a sub-label for their up and coming talents. Not only do they support the next generation of Hardstyle producers, they are on a mission to take the barriers of the Harder-genre’s down as well!

After a period of silence, the next chapter in the history of 4-DOTS is created as we speak and who knows if you will be a part of it…

To the e-mail below, you can submit your demo to 4-Dots. But before you submit your demo please keep in mind that:

  • we only accept mixed & mastered tracks.
  • We’ll contact you, no need to resend
  • Private Soundcloud/Dropbox links only
  • We only accept original tracks or remixes of our releases. No Bootlegs!