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Bring back the music

Bring back the music

About 2 years ago Marcel Scheffers quit his active career as DJ Marcel Woods, because he wanted to spend more time with his family and his work as head honcho of the boutique music group 2-Dutch. Since his whole life is built around music, he couldn't resist continuing playing a few exclusive classics sets a year, as dance classics gave him the feeling that that is exactly where his love for this scene started. In his thank you and goodbye letter to the scene he already launched the concept name 'Bring Back The Music'.

But what is Bring Back The Music? Bring Back The Music is an (event) brand that honours all the dance classics that brought a meaningful contribution to the history of dance music, rather it's house, trance, techno or even a harder genre. It's about classics that brings back good memories, feelings and emotions. Classics which you hear back somewhere on someway or another, classics that contains a high 'oh yeah' factor. Old classics, young classics and future classics.

The kick-off was given late 2016 by the Bring Back The Music compilation mixed and compiled by Marcel Woods on Be Yourself Music. And soon other dance legends will release their compilation of classics.
Want to book Bring Back The Music at your club or festival? Want to know which classic legends are involved in the concept, or need more information? Don't hesitate to contact us!

We are 2-Dutch

We passionately believe that attention encourages growth. Attention for everything that can make a career. That’s why we keep communication direct and uncomplicated, our portfolio small but deliberate, and our focus complete and uncompromised.

It all starts with the music

Dance music. And 2-Dutch prides itself on being a real music agency, where creativity and music production is just as important as sound business guidance. To put it simply - we help talented artists become successful. How? Our employees have in-depth experience with bookings, artist and music management, events and the promotion of dance artists. This means that we can offer artists support from A-Z. A total package of services. Allowing them to focus on where it all begins – music.

We are dedicated to talent

In just a few years, 2-Dutch is already expanding their network in both the EDM and pop scene when it comes to working with the best of the best. Companies, brands and artists that we have collaborated with include; Warner Music Group, Universal Music, ID&T, Interscope, AM-Only, WME, SPINNIN, Musical Freedom, DIM MAK, OWSLA, Polydor, Cloud 9, Revealed Recordings, Fly Eye, Insomniac, SFX, Live nation, Tiesto, Chris Brown, Carly Rae Jepson, What A Music, David Guetta, SPIN Artist Agency, Beyourself music and Sony Music.

2-Dutch’s objectives are clear – to achieve commercial success for our artists. And although we recognise that ‘it’s all about the numbers’, we never forget that success is the consequence of talent, hard-work, and the right support. With authenticity, creativity and attention as key. We are ambitious, using our energy, experience and insight to focus on talent that we truly believe in. Because 2-Dutch = dedicated 2 talent.

Because we are dedicated to talent.