About Us

With more than 15 years of experience in the music industry, 2Dutch has established itself as a company that embraces club culture and works passionately to provide folks all over the world with musical productions of high quality. Our enterprise consists of a family of labels that each has a unique contribution to make to their respective genre.


Founded in Eindhoven in 2007 by Marcel Scheffers (Marcel Woods) and Wouter Janssen of the Showtek brothers, the story of 2Dutch is one of survival, self-will and persistence. Since its foundation, 2Dutch has weathered all the storms that have passed with the commencing of the new digital age for music.


Since then, 2Dutch has managed to maintain a steady growth and now boasts a collective of labels that ranges from Deep House to Hardstyle, on which multiple internationally recognized artists like Showtek, Brooks and many others have released their music. The labels all share one common denominator; their music is made for the dancefloor.

As we look to the future, our passion-driven team at 2Dutch is excited about the limitless possibilities that this fast-changing industry has to offer. We will continue to tirelessly nurture and cherish the scene that we very much consider ourselves to be a part of in order to keep people from all over the world dancing to the music that is rooted deep into our existence. We do this for the culture.


Marcel Scheffers

Head Honcho

Marcel Scheffers, co-founder of 2-Dutch, together with Wouter Janssen of Showtek fame. Proud leader of the 2-Dutch pack. From welder to international DJ to CEO of 2-Dutch – Marcel has never been a man to stand still and let the world pass him by.

Marijn Lenssen

Label Manager

As the label manager within the 2-Dutch team, Marijn sees himself as the link between the different departments within the company. He will guide artists from A to Z, functioning as their ‘go-to-guy’ during the journey of releasing their music & getting it heard by the world. On top of that, Marijn set his goals on developing 2Dutch’s music labels into household names within the music industry!

Denise Sloots

Artist Manager

After being an intern at 2Dutch during her study, she followed her path into the dance music industry by working at other agencies, labels and multiple events. Luckily she found her way back to the 2Dutch family, where she’s also known as Dennis. She’s a firm believer in ‘everything you give attention, grows.’ With the right attention for the right artist, nothing stands in her way to make every step in the artists’ career something special that will help them grow.

Quincy Nikijuluw

Lead Designer

As the design-guru at the 2Dutch office, Quincy is the mastermind behind all of 2Dutch’s assets! This creative genius loves working together with artists to create an artwork that fits perfectly with their music.

Luc Ernste


Luc found his way into the music industry after studying marketing, event management & international music. During a period abroad in Valencia for work, he discovered his true passion: making people happy through music & events. When Luc came back to the Netherlands he started working at different agencies, discovering the field of bookings & artist management. After collecting well over 3 years of experience as an agent in territories & genres all over the world, he found his new adventure at 2Dutch, in his hometown Eindhoven. At 2Dutch Luc aims to push the existing roster to new heights, while at the same time discovering new talents and implementing marketing strategies to expand upon what the agency and labels have to offer!