We passionately believe that attention encourages growth. Attention for everything that can make a career. That’s why we keep communication direct and uncomplicated, our portfolio small but deliberate, and our focus complete and uncompromised.


Dance music. And 2-Dutch prides itself on being a real music agency, where creativity and music production is just as important as sound business guidance. To put it simply – we help talented artists become successful. How? Our employees have in-depth experience with bookings, artist and music management, events and the promotion of dance artists. This means that we can offer artists support from A-Z. A total package of services. Allowing them to focus on where it all begins – music.


In just a few years, 2-Dutch is already expanding their network in both the EDM and pop scene when it comes to working with the best of the best. Companies, brands and artists that we have collaborated with include; Warner Music Group, Universal Music, ID&T, Interscope, AM-Only, WME, SPINNIN, Musical Freedom, DIM MAK, OWSLA, Polydor, Cloud 9, Revealed Recordings, Fly Eye, Insomniac, SFX, Live nation, Tiesto, Chris Brown, Carly Rae Jepson, What A Music, David Guetta, SPIN Artist Agency, Beyourself music and Sony Music. 2-Dutch’s objectives are clear – to achieve commercial success for our artists. And although we recognise that ‘it’s all about the numbers’, we never forget that success is the consequence of talent, hard-work, and the right support. With authenticity, creativity and attention as key. We are ambitious, using our energy, experience and insight to focus on talent that we truly believe in. Because 2-Dutch = dedicated 2 talent.



Marcel Scheffers, co-founder of 2-Dutch, together with Wouter Janssen of Showtek fame. Proud leader of the 2-Dutch pack. From welder to international DJ to CEO of 2-Dutch – Marcel has never been a man to stand still and let the world pass him by. For those that know him, it’s no surprise that Marcel’s roots are in the Brabant region of the Netherlands. Like many of his fellow ‘Brabos’, Marcel is honest and unapologetic, sociable and sincere. But above all, Marcel is authentic. What you see is what you get, whether you like it or not. He’s a man who doesn’t like to compromise and definitely doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Oh yes, and he has a heart of gold. Marcel definitely didn’t arrive at where he is now by accident. He had to take chances, work hard and think big. So how exactly did a young welder come to be CEO of a successful music agency? Well, it could have ended very differently if on a winter’s evening many years ago, Marcel hadn’t been watching TV – Youp van ‘t Hek’s new year show (a famous Dutch cabaret artist), to be exact. Youp posed the million dollar question: “What would you do if you were terminally ill?” And to follow that up, “Why would you do for the last 3 months of your life, what you wouldn’t do for ever?” Think about it. Marcel certainly did. In fact, it hit him so hard that he told his employer the very next day that he was quitting his job. That it was time to chase his dream: international DJ Marcel Woods was borne. Marcel travelled the world, playing and producing. And although Marcel’s love of music was clear, fame was not something that came naturally to him. For all the success he enjoyed, the spotlight was never something he could really get used to and embrace. So what next? Marcel had a keen eye for talent. So late 2007, 2-Dutch was set up with fellow DJ and one-half of brother duo Showtek. 2 Dutchmen with a passion, and talent, for music. Marcel recognized that the Showtek boys had what it took to make it. And so it seemed a logical next step for Marcel to step away from the decks a few years later and focus on stippling out the future for Showtek. Mapping out their master plan. Letting them show to the world what they do so well. Meanwhile, life on the road was getting tougher and tougher – and it was becoming increasingly difficult for Marcel to keep leaving his wife and kids behind every weekend. Travelling the world playing gigs, juggling being a manager, running the company, being an artist and a father. Although he stopped travelling in 2013, he left the back door quietly open, still playing gigs once in a while. Turning out some classics when, and where, he chooses. But his focus remains on 2-Dutch – building his boutique music agency into a serious, respected player in the house music industry. Using his expertise and first-hand knowledge to support artists and nurture talent. Quality is key for Marcel – he wants to bring the big fish on board – he knows 2-Dutch is ready to handle it. But he’s also committed to being able to guarantee the personal attention, the family feel. So what about the Marcel away from the business? Who is he then? Marcel is probably happiest when spending time with his wife and children. Saturday nights out clubbing are (mainly) a thing of the past – you’re far more likely to find Marcel in a good restaurant putting the world to rights with his wife. And making the most of his Sundays with his kids, walks in the woods and enjoying the simple things in life. He knows he’s a blessed man. And the future? Well, Marcel is a visionary, always has been, always will be. And the future is looking good. He can see the potential – 2-Dutch have the office space they need, the team and the expertise. In fact everything is in place to nurture and breed the next big artists on the 2-Dutch roster. Marcel and his team are ready.



Wessel and 2-Dutch go back a long way. It started back in 2010, when Wessel asked Marcel if he could get a work placement during his Marketing degree at Radboud University. A few years on and an internship, a nine month stint as social media manager, and several freelance projects at 2-Dutch later, Wessel is now working there full-time as Marketing and Label Manager. Spotting Potential So what does a day in the life of Wessel look like? To be honest, there is no typical day. More than half of his time is usually devoted to managing three labels within 2-Dutch. On top of that, Wessel is responsible for artist management, where he keeps himself busy with the music side of things, and last, but certainly not least, he’s always on the look-out for new talent. For the next big thing. As Wessel explains, “discovering something new, and further down the line, being able to stand back, knowing we got it right – that’s what gives me my kicks”. A World of Extremes Wessel is what you could the office ‘sweetheart’. With a rock ‘n roll edge. Calm on the outside, noisy on the inside. He’s actually no stranger to performing himself – you’ll regularly find him behind the decks at house parties. And when he’s not taking centre stage himself, you’ll often find see him in the crowds at festivals and clubs. Whatever he’s doing, music plays an important role. Saying that, Wessel’s world is one of extremes. And it suits him. Just as he can be a party animal by night, he’s also just as content being a homebody by day. Put it this way – you’re just as likely to find Wessel wandering the aisles of the local garden-centre with his girlfriend, as playing at an all-nighter in deepest, darkest Varsseveld. It’s also perhaps worth mentioning that Wessel is learning to play the piano. He wants to understand the essence of music, the melody. Why? Because he’s a man that likes to know what he’s talking about, of course. Opportunities When Wessel looks to the future, he sees 2-Dutch in it. Centre stage. In fact, the very reason he chose to work at 2-Dutch was because of the opportunities it would give him to develop long-term. For someone with music running through his veins, there’s certainly the freedom at 2-Dutch to explore new avenues and to really achieve something. There’s a quote very dear to Wessel’s heart – ” music is what feelings sound like”. Just about sums it up, really.



Michael is the team hipster. Having graduated in Marketing Management from Tilburg University in 2014, he joined 2-Dutch at the start of 2015, and although Michael may be new to the business, he’s definitely not new to music. The Media Wizard So what does Michael get up to at 2-Dutch? Well, primarily he is the 2-Dutch (Social) Media Wizard. We’re talking all things online for the different managed artists and 2-Dutch itself – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud – you name it, he manages it. Additionally all 2-Dutch communication that goes out is down to Michael. Next to that he is on the constant lookout of spotting talented artists in the scene. Last, but not least, 2-Dutch’s labels Skink, Musical Madness and Dutch Master Works also benefits from Michael’s expertise, in the shape of label promotion via social media and the press. It’s probably be true to say that success off the back of a successful promotion is Michael’s Holy Grail. Rock ‘n Roll We’ve already got to know that his weekends are pretty rock ‘n roll – as Michael is in the middle of the scene on these days of the week. We’re talking partying in the crowd of festivals and clubs, very little sleep and after that playing football on Sundays. And he’s usually got the puffy eyes and hangover on a Monday to prove it. Put it this way, the artists know not to call him early on a Monday morning with any difficult questions. They’d probably also interrupt the team’s obligatory Monday-morning Facebook photo-check of all his latest female conquests. On a one to ten sliding scale, Michael scores pretty well. Social media has its definite advantages. Dream Job And the future? Well, Michael’s quick to admit that he’s already got his dream job. What music lover wouldn’t be happy getting paid to do what they love? Perhaps Michael’s favourite role, and one he would like to develop further, is the search for new, exciting talented artists and help them reach success in their careers. There’s nothing quite like spotting potential and being part of a team that supports artist to develop. Well, apart from beer, women and football of course. In no particular order.



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Sanne is what you would call a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’. The office tiger. Being been with the organisation since it’s very early days, Sanne knows the ins and outs, and everything in-between, of what’s going on at 2-Dutch. After graduating from the TIO College in Eindhoven, Sanne sent an open application to Marcel, who she’d come into contact with during a previous internship. She never looked back – a rapidly expanding 2-Dutch were only too glad to have her on board. The first official 2-Dutch employee was a fact. Multi-tasking Genius So what does Sanne do at 2-Dutch? Where do we start? From chasing a late-payer in India to tackling visa application red-tape in Russia. From organising private-jets to making sure an artist has a bed for the night after a last-minute gig. A day in the life of Sanne is never the same. Some would crumble under the stress, but Sanne thrives on it. She’s a multi-tasking genius. It’s not always been easy, though. Sanne admits that she had to harden up a bit. Learn to not always take no for an answer. Team Pit Bull Sanne is a team-player through and through. And as the only woman in a team of five, that team mentality is certainly put to the test sometimes! It still amazes her how those 10 cms. from the worktop to the dishwasher can seem like another dimension to her (male) colleagues. But joking aside, she’s one of the guys, the mother, the shepherd and the driving force of the team. Her colleagues don’t refer to her as the ‘Pit Bull’ of the team for nothing. The Future Life in general is pretty great, she’ll tell you. Whether dancing into the early hours with a group of friends at a dance festival, or shopping with her Mum and Sister on a Sunday afternoon, Sanne lives life to the full. And the future? Sanne isn’t going anywhere. She loves her work, loves music and plans on keeping it that way. As long as the challenges keep coming, and 2-Dutch continues to go from strength to strength, Sanne has her hands full!


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Marcel Woods

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Wessel Westerveld

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Michael van Gessel

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Sanne Verrijt

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Wouter Janssen

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