Calumny are back with a collaboration featuring Alex Holmes!

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Calumny are back on Evolune, this time the duo teamed up with singer / songwriter Alex Holmes for their latest creation called Reloaded’. The Belgian DJ’s are mainly known for their earlier releases on Evolune ‘Infinitely’ and ‘Breathe Me’ that were all created in collaboration with singer Nora.

Alex Holmes is no new name to the music industry. She is known for her collaborations with Australian duo Mashd N Kutcher and Hardstyle mogul The Prophet. Other works of her include releases with Revealed Records, Dirty Workz and Sean Paul.

Although Reloaded is what you could call a new genre to explore for Alex Holmes, she nailed it nonetheless. Her sharp vocals are the perfect addition to the crossover electronic production of Calumny.

Reloaded will be out Februari 1st on Evolune.

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