Pieter Ellis releases new track on Blue Forest Records

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Following up on his first release on Blue Forest, Pieter Ellis is back with a new track called ‘Road To Masca’. The track came together after Pieter took a trip to Tenerife. At that time he was doubting about selling his shares in his event company. While on this trip the lady at the reception advised him to visit Masca, a small village in the hilly part of the Island and a perfect place to come to his senses. What Pieter saw on the road to Masca exceeded his most sanguine expectations. The overwhelming beauty, calm and peaceful vibe of the road and the village gave him new energy and inspiration.  That’s when Pieter decided to create a track about this place, an ode to the beauty, calm and peacefull vibe. The warm chords and pads, the driving bassline, the big lead-driven melody, the fresh high-end, it’s all inspired by the road to Masca.

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