Steve Cherry returns on 2Dutch Air with stellar track “Your Eyes”

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The young producer and DJ Steve Cherry makes a stellar return to 2DUTCH on September 20th with his new single. The Dutch/Mexican artist got into making music at the tender age of 12, learning to play the guitar before turning his capable hand to production. 

With a melodic strain of future bass as his signature, his most recent work is the stunning ‘Your Eyes’ ft. Mileaux. Drenched in emotive vocals and paired with slow-burning instrumentals, this track follows on neatly from his previous ‘Taking Over.’ 

Layered beautifully and progressively building towards its powerful climax, this release is another standout listen from Steve Cherry.  He explains: “I started off with the idea of the drop for Your Eyes about a year ago with some Kontakt bank I was messing around with. I didn’t really know where to go with it so I left it on the shelf. At my study on the Rock Academy, we had to work together with the vocalists from our year and I was assigned to Milo. I went through my old projects and dug up the project for ‘Your Eyes’ and as we started working on it, it felt like everything fell in place in no time.  

Milo started to sing phonetically about ‘’your eyes’’ and that really stuck with us. We built on that concept and came up with the feeling of lying – if you look into someone’s eyes you can see or feel that someone is lying to you. It felt like a very natural process working on this track. It has a melodramatic feel to it and Milo’s vocals really capture the feeling we intended. I hope that the people who listen to the track can feel our intentions and the vibe it brings with it.”

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