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On this page you find the most asked questions when it comes to music licensing, syncs, and video. If you don’t see your question, get in touch with us via the button below. 

1. Which rights do I need to acquire in order to license your music?
When licensing music for video you need to clear 2 rights: the right to use the master recording, and the right to use the composition and lyrics, also known as the publishing rights. So in short: master rights and publishing rights.

2. Who controls the master rights?
The master rights are often controlled by the Label who has released the track. On our website you will only find music controlled by us.

3. Who controls the publishing rights?
The publishing rights are controlled by the writers and their respective publishers of a song. It is common to have multiple writers with different publishers on one record. It is also possible a writer represent the share of their publishing rights independently. To retrieve the information of the publishing side, you can contact the Label to ask a label copy, or check websites as songview.com or the local PRO.

 4. What does ‘clearing a song’ mean?
Clearing a song means you have come to an agreement with all the involved rightsholder on the terms  subjected to the use of the song.

5. What does ‘one-stop music’ mean?
The term ‘one-stop music’ refers to music where both the master and the publishing rights are controlled by one person or entity. This means you only have to ask permission from one party when clearing this song, resulting in an easy and faster process. Generally the more people involved on a record the harder it can be to clear it.

6. What fee do I have to pay to sync a song?
There is no one-size fits all solution regarding fees when licensing music. Its largely depends on the requested usage. Rule of thumb is the higher the reach of your campaign or project, the higher the fee will be. You will pay a fee for the use of the publishing (copyright) and a fee for the master, this is also known as a ‘fee per side’.  

7. How long does it take to clear a song?
For the one-stop catalogue it is possible to clear a track within a day. For tracks

8. Is there a way to speed up the process?
The main way to ensure your request isn’t delayed is by providing as much information as possible in your first moment of contact. If we need to go back and forth to confirm details this may slow the process down. An other option is to only select songs which are one-stop for your brief.

9. What does ‘based on 100%’ mean?
Generally songs can have more than one writer and despite having a lot of one-stop songs, we may not represent 100% of the writers on a record. Our ballpark quote will outline the total percentage included the percentage that we control. If it is specified that our quote is based on 100% then if approved we would only invoice for the percentage that we control.


10. I want to use a version of a song without vocals, is this possible?
For most of our records we also offer instrumental versions. If not available at the moment of your request, we will make every effort to arrange it for you. 

11. I have a question which isn’t listed here. What should I do? 
Please contact us via the button below. If it’s a specific question or request, try to give us as much details as possible!